Field House Residential Care Home For The Elderly

A 49 bed home from home catering for elderly and EMI residents



Field House prides itself on being a ‘Home from Home’ for its elderly and EMI (dementia) residents. We’re situated in approximately ¾ acre of land in the scenic, countryside village of Eye, just four miles from the cathedral city of Peterborough in Cambridgeshire.

We currently offer accommodation for 49 residents who are seeking loving care and attention in peaceful surroundings. All rooms are light and spacious with a restful décor, overlooking the countryside and gardens, most have en suite facilities.

In the year 1989, Field House began its journey of providing older people from a multicultural and socially diverse city, an opportunity to continue living as independently as possible by receiving care and support consistent with their own individual needs.

Field House has been extensively renovated over the years to cater fully for the residents. At the rear of the grounds there is a beautiful mature garden with attractive lawns and we also have an enclosed all year courtyard with benches and a feature fountain. Field House has come a long way over the years, starting off as an old surgery it was transformed into an 11 bed care home for the elderly and later on expanded into a 16 bed haven. In 2005 Field House began the project to expand to cater for 33 residents, thereafter in 2016 the final extension was completed, this allowed room for 49 residents and the addition of a number of activity rooms, lounges and other resources for the residents.


Choosing the right home for you
You should have the opportunity to choose a home that suits your needs and abilities. In order for you to know that this is the right home for you, we will assess your needs with you and explain the services we offer to help you maintain as much of your lifestyle as possible and tell you about the other services we offer that might interest and benefit you. We also offer trial visits to prospective residents, where possible.

If you should choose Field House, it should feel like home and therefore we are happy to help furnish and equip your room in your own style. Should you wish not to bring your own furniture, the rooms are fully furnished in a light, modern and comfortable décor. We want everything we do in the home to be driven by the needs, abilities and aspirations of our residents, not by what staff, management of any other group would desire. We recognise how easily this focus can slip and we will remain vigilant to ensure that the facilities, resources, policies, activities and services of the home remain resident-led.

Field House is a multicultural environment and strives to serve the large ethnic community of Peterborough. To make this possible, since its inception we do not serve pork or alcohol on the premises.


Our aims to exceed the professional guidelines recommended for the services the home should provide. We place the rights of our residents at the foremost of our philosophy of care.

In pursuit of the best possible care we will produce, with you, a service user plan of care, based on an initial and then continuing assessments. You will be given a member of staff as your ‘key worker’. This is to help you bond with a friend immediately within the home. Your key worker will answer your questions and make sure you are totally comfortable and settled. They will be aware of your abilities, disabilities and all of your preferences. They will continue to spend one-on-one time with you throughout your stay either just chatting or working on activities with you. This one-on-one time is particularly beneficial to residents with dementia.
We can tailor the care we provide to suit the client. The can including people with any of the following:
•Dementia •Old Age   •Physical Disability   •Sensory Impairment    •Alzheimer's   •Cancer    •Challenging Behaviour    •Colitis & Crohn's Disease    •Epilepsy   •Hearing Impairment & Deafness    •Huntington's Disease   •Motor Neurone Disease   •Multiple Sclerosis   •Muscular Dystrophy   •Orthopaedic •Parkinson's Disease   •Speech Impairment   •Stroke   •Visual Impairment

Coming into a home may mean you feel you are giving up some of your independence to live in a group environment. We regard it as all the more important to encourage you to maintain as much independence as possible.

We believe it is important to offer aid, only when needed and in a tactful and discreet manner, preserving dignity. We encourage you to maximise and retain your abilities of self-care, independent interaction with others and carrying out as many of the tasks of daily living with minimal assistance.


Residential Care / Respite Care
Field House is a residential home that caters for the elderly in all situations. We have residents that are unable to continue live at home alone and some that just enjoy the company a home like ours can offer.
Some of our residents feel safer with us because we can meet their health needs. We also have several clients who are with us for respite, either to give their regular caregivers some time away, or as rehabilitation after a hospital visit, before going back home.

Community Care / Day Care
Field House also offers non-residential services. These can also be in the clients’ own homes, where we will visit and help you in whatever way you need us, from household chores to personal care.

Day Care Services
If you like to have people to talk and socialise with, but want to continue to live in your own home, then you are most welcome to come and spend your days at Field House with us. This service is offered seven days a week, eight hours a day; this means you can take part in all of our daily activities and have your afternoon and evening meals with us too. You can choose from one day a week to all seven. We can even arrange for you to be collected and dropped home.


We believe keeping family connections are important, just like making new friends is as well. So we arrange coffee mornings and entertainment days open to all. We take part in village functions, host sponsored walks for charity and trips to local wildlife centres. These visits are open to residents, families and friends.

We understand that many of the residents may be frail or maybe just prefer to have amenities at hand. After all, being at Field House is about having what you want at your fingertips. To this end we arrange for regular visits from the hairdresser and have a room especially designed for these visits. We also have regular visits from the dentist, chiropodist, nurse and doctor.

We know that a major fight in the advancement of dementia is keeping the resident mentally and physically active. We encourage all our residents to participate in a range of activities which we have going on throughout the day. Puzzles, crafts and even simple daily household activities such as folding laundry, can have a positive impact on some residents.

We have an Activities Coordinator who hosts and encourages the residents in painting, planting, puzzles, crafts, sing-alongs and various other pursuits.

Each resident has a key worker who goes above and beyond to learn all about the person, who they are and what their younger life was like. This helps with stimulating minds through talking about their former professions and hobbies, for example, a keen gardener may want to help out in the garden.

Much emphasis is placed on reminiscence care where residents are given props to discuss an event of the past or a period of time. These could be wartime posters or something from the Queen’s coronation. Memories from the past often seem more vivid then what someone did last week.

Whatever your interest and hobbies, we will encourage you to pursue it and offer assistance when required.


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